Lombok Travel Mart 9
Everlasting Adventure

19 - 21 Juni 2023

Experience endless exciting adventures with amazing new destinations and challenging explorations, and be part of the change for sustainable tourism.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Lombok Travel Mart 9

lombok travel mart 9 everlasting adventure
Buyers Rule Lombok Travel Mart 9
  • To ensure the smooth running of this event, we kindly request that all buyer participants follow the following rules and regulations:
  • Participants are not allowed to leave the event until it is finished, except in the case of flight constraints.
  • Promotion activities are not permitted without the knowledge and approval of the event organizers, such as distributing brochures, business cards, or giving presentations.
  • Personal or group activities are not allowed during the event.
  • Participants are responsible for their personal belongings, and the organizers are not responsible for any loss.
  • Violence, conflicts, or any form of discrimination are strictly prohibited.
    Participants are expected to maintain proper behavior and decorum throughout the event.

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