Lombok Travel Mart 8

21 - 23 Juni 2022

This time, Lombok Travel Mart 8 is here with the hope of being able to present the concept of infinite sustainable tourism by combining the potential of nature, culture, social attractions and local wisdom of tourist villages which will become the pillars of sustainable tourism.

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Lombok Travel Mart 8

Lombok Travel Mart is an annual event organized by DPD ASPPI NTB.

We invite hundreds of travel agents like you to build networking with local travel and hotels in Lombok.

The Event of LTM 8 has been tailored into an interesting 3 Day itinerary including direct inspections into the MANDALIKA INTERNATIONAL STREET CIRCUIT area, visiting Tourism Villages with a huge of natural and cultural potentials which are one of the sustainable tourism products as well as potential and the heritage sites in Mataram City.

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Benefits of Lombok Travel Mart 8

Some of the benefits you get at this event


It's been almost 3 years that we have experienced a pandemic so we haven’t been in touch with colleagues, So let's rebuild our connection and friendship.

Build Networking

We certainly agree that the travel business is closely related to networking, let's expand your networking at the Lombok travel mart 8

Tourist Attraction Updated

The last few years the island of Lombok has become even more beautiful with the Mandalika circuit, let's update the latest Lombok tourist attractions.

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Infinite Mandalika

Infinite Mandalika

Lombok Travel Mart 8 with “Infinite Mandalika” as the theme , which means sustainable and infinates tourism in accordance with the determination of Mandalika as one of the Super Priority Destinations (DSP).

We invite you to see the beauty of Mandalika up close, including directly seeing the moto GP circuit and its supporting facilities.

150 Buyers

We invite hundreds of buyers both domestic and international

50 Best Sellers

Build a network with dozens of the best sellers from West Nusa Tenggara

3 Exciting Days

We customized the Lombok Travel Mart in an exciting 3 day activity

Destination Updates

See the potential of the latest tourist destinations in Lombok, that you may interested in.

CHSE Standard

We apply health protocols according to the Tourism and Creative Economy standard during the event

Rundown Lombok Travel Mart 8
21 - 23 June 2022

This Lombok Travel Mart event does not only focus on the Table Top Events, but we pack it up interestingly with a post tour to the Mandalika circuit, tourist attractions to farewell dinner. Feel the excitement of vacation in Lombok

H1 : ARIIVAL – CHECK IN HOTEL – Mataram Heritage (CB,L,D)
H3. Breakfast at Hotel – DW Kebun Ayu – Transfer Out (BF)
Benefit as Buyer
Come & Join Lombok Travel Mart 8
21 - 23 June 2022

Lombok Travel Mart is one of the most prestigious and busiest table tops every year.
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