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Unity is strength when a teamwork and collaboration is a way to be INFINITE

An endless Thanks to all seller,buyers, sponsor and everyone who have been involved in such a wow event.

memet ketua ltm 8

The head of comitee of LTM 8 Mr Muhamad Isnaini ( Memed), expressed his gratitude to all buyers, sellers, media, and stakeholders for participating during the 8th LTM event themed “Infinite Mandalika” which was held on June 21 – 23, 2022 in Lombok.

“LTMĀ  is recognised as potential anualĀ  Travel Fair organized by DPD ASPPI NTB, it is very consistent in promoting a unique selling point from several sights object.

In combining the advantages of Artificial Attractions, Natural beauty, heritage sites, culture and local wisdom are become part of sustainable tourism, sport tourism, wellness tourism and will continue to diversify its economic growth through tourism which now depends not only on the number of arrivals, but also on quality tourism.

The last but not that least

Let’s be infinite


Head of comitte LTM 8

Lombok Travel Mart 8 Videos

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Gallery of event excitement at Lombok Travel mart 8

Testimonial LTM 8

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Great Committee Behind the Scenes

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Sponsor Lombok Travel Mart 8


Lombok Travel Mart 8

Lombok Travel Mart adalah event table top yang dibuat oleh DPD ASPPI NTB

Event Lombok Travel Mart telah berlangsung sejak 2014 hingga sekarang.

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